A Foodie’s Fantasy

A Foodie’s Fantasy: Deluxe Dining Experiences

For all of you foodies out there, we know that you’re always in search of a dish that adds a new zing to your palette. Whether you’re looking for a fresh, cultural Thai dish or fine wines with true Italian roots, we’ve got the destinations that will make your dreams come true.

Sumptuous Dining at Layan Residences by Anantara

Layan Residences by Anantara provide for a luxurious getaway to Phuket, allowing visitors to relish in relaxing accommodations and otherworldly experiences. Not only do these residences boast views of some of Thailand’s most luscious mountainscapes, but guests can also feast their eyes on vibrant views of the Layan Bay.

To add to the appeal, the Layan Residences offer an array of culinary options for those seeking a wondrous dining experience. Pick your preference from options such as dining in your residence, poolside or in one of their extraordinary restaurants with extensive menus.

Choose Your Experience

When ordering food in-residence, you can choose from an extensive menu that includes freshly-baked croissants, banana bread and other fluffy pastries. For dinner lunch and dinner, pick from an array of pizza, seafood and burger options, as well authentic Thai dishes such as spring rolls and delicious Thai noodles. The food experiences don’t stop there— you can also plan a romantic dinner at your chosen location, and choose from elaborate menus or collaborate with a chef to invent a delectable dish to share with somebody that you love.

Step-by-Step Thai Cooking Class

For a truly immersive experience, the Layan Residences offers their guests an in-depth cooking class. Guests start by touring a local market, reveling in the potent sights and smells of fresh produce. Thai dishes may seem simple at first glance, but in fact take diligence and balance to craft the perfectly flavored dish. Participants will be taken through a step-by-step cooking process, learning the secrets of Thai cooking and the hard work that goes into each dish. To top it off, each guest will be able to enjoy the meal that they prepared.

The Taste of Tuscany at Monteverdi

By the hands of the head chef at Monteverdi hotel, Giancarla Bodoni and her team delivers guests with fresh Tuscan dishes, which bring the region’s finest local ingredients and flavors to the table. With an array of unique restaurants and bars serving the finest wines, guests are sure to find a magical, Italian culinary experience at Monteverdi hotel.

Oreade Restaurant

Named after the goddesses who ran through the mountains of Tuscany, this restaurant focuses on serving plates that are full of nature’s freshest, locally-grown ingredients. Choose from dishes such as delicious pasta with rabbit ragout and fennel sauce, and smoked boar with vibrant, fresh vegetables.

Books and Wine

A unique dining experience with lots to look at, Monteverdi is home to the Library Bar; a cocktail bar with a plethora of books to run your fingers through. Gaze off the terrace towards a view of Tenuta di Trinoro, which is a beloved vineyard situated between the breathtaking Monte Cetona. Your wine options include wines from this vineyard itself, along with Tuscan Reds and Italian white wines.

Wine Tasting at Enoteca

Every evening, a wine tasting tour is provided free of charge at Enoteca, a comfortable wine bar and restaurant. This gives visitors the opportunity to sample some of the best wines that Tuscany has to offer. Additionally, once a week, a wine connoisseur will provide guests with a tasting of their very-own, finely-crafted wines from their vineyards in the region.

If this sounds like the cultural and culinary that you are searching for, look no further! Gravitate would be happy to aid you in planning your trip, making sure you score the best seat at these tables around the world.


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