A Truly ‘Wild’ Experience: The Untouched Beauty of the Beyond

A Truly ‘Wild’ Experience: The Untouched Beauty of the Beyond

Tierra Atacama: Exploring Chile’s Desolate Beauty

Delve into the abundant beauty and explorations that South America has to offer. Tierra Atacama, located in Chile, offers guests an incredible variety of outdoor activities, providing an opportunity to discover the unfamiliar corners of the Earth that you have yet to touch.

Whether you prefer exploring on a bike, on foot or on your own two feet, Tierra Atacama has something for those of you seeking novel adventures to add to your travel expeditions.

Explore the Desert YOUR Way

This is your chance to get up-close and personal with the extraordinary landscapes that make up the Atacama Desert. Tierra Atacama provides opportunities for visitors to embark on both biking and hiking adventures, all which provide you with a unique experience of the local culture and the breathtaking views that Chile boasts.

Choose from feats such as climbing Cerro Toco Volcano, which presents visitors with an expansive view of the mountains that surround it, or a walk through Río Grande Village to witness interesting wildlife, and watch as crops grow and flourish despite the atmosphere’s unbelievable starkness.

If you’re looking to explore on wheels, you’ll love biking adventures such as Ojos del Salar, or you can roll freestyle through the peaceful, gorgeous desert settlements, such as Ayllus and Atacama, experiencing first-hand the local’s daily lives and populations that have called this location home for generations.

Another anomaly that thrives despite the climate, Ojos del Salar, is a rider’s paradise with a magnificent set of fresh bodies of water that speckle the land in one of the most barren parts of the world.


An Opportunity to Study the Sky

Possibly the most magical location for stargazing on Earth, the Atacama Desert is free of light pollution which makes for an other-wordly feast for the eyes. This is an opportunity to gaze upon the unfiltered sky, so clear and bright that NASA uses these skies for space studies. With the presence of a guide, you can also listen in on how the locals of the Andean communities interpreted the sprawling stars.

Giraffe Manor: Come Eye-to-Eye with Africa’s Wildlife

For those of you looking for a truly ‘wild’ experience, Giraffe Manor of the Safari Collection is located in Nairobi, Africa, and it’s one you don’t want to miss. From sharing breakfast with a magnificent giraffe, trying your hand at croquet or visiting a local jewelry shop, you are sure to find yourself connected with the beauty that Africa has to offer.

Up Close and Personal

It’s not called Giraffe Manor for no reason—this boutique hotel is home to a ‘resident herd’ of endangered Rothschild’s giraffes who wander happily on the hotel’s twelve-acre plot of land. While you’re eating breakfast, a giraffe may just come and poke its head through the window for a bite of your toast–don’t worry, they’re all friendly!

This location offers many incredible opportunities to nurture and interact with wildlife whose beauty is scarcely witnessed in such proximity. Along with feeding giraffes, you can also take a visit down to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and spend some time feeding and playing with a baby elephant.

Magic in All Aspects

When you’re not relaxing in your luxurious room or feeding the resident animals, you can treat yourself to a cup of tea on the terrace during sunset, or retreat into the vibrant orchid house to paint a beautiful photo inspired by Africa’s beauty.

Along with that, find yourself some handmade souvenirs by visiting Kazuri Beads, a local jewellery shop and grab yourself some unique jewellery that shares part of Africa’s story. Upon your return home, you’ll have plenty of stories of Africa’s abundant beauty and charm to share with your friends and family.

Don’t miss out on the one-of-a-kind relics that Africa and Chile have to offer. It’s time to add some new explorations to your travel journal! Gravitate would be happy to assist you in booking your travels, so drop us a line or shoot us an email!

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