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Travel that revolves around you.
At Gravitate Travel our goal is to ensure each and every client has a memorable experience, and are eager to book their next getaway knowing that Gravitate will deliver the same consist service time after time.
Utilizing our valued partners and years of experience, we continually strive to deliver top shelf travel experiences at any budget, while delivering the best value and complete arrangements whether it’s concert tickets, dinner reservations, a flight or a complete private jet experience around the world tailored to your discerning needs.
Valued added service is engrained in everything we do; we aim to please. Looking for something better than cookie cutter travel experiences? Gravitate to us today!



Scott Waldron, Founder & Personal Travel Manager

With travel to 30+ countries under his belt, Scott has a great deal of insight in when it comes to crafting a complete and memorable travel experience. Scott is a professional Senior Personal Experience Advisor with many years’ experience planning and delivering group and tailor-made tours in Europe, South America, Scandinavia, North America and beyond.

Most of all, though, Scott is Human. Why does this matter? Scott believes that no website is smart enough to have an intuitive, professional conversation with you. The Internet certainly doesn’t know your preferences and will not follow up with you with a phone call to discuss your trip after your return. But he will.

Through your conversations, he’ll uncover the experience or adventure that fits exactly what you’re looking for – every time – not some cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all. You deserve more.

Martha Henderson, Personal Travel Manager

Travel has always been a passion of Martha’s. Her experience handling the travel and logistics of her crew as a member of Canada’s 2008 Olympic Sailing Team shows in her attention to detail and perseverance to get the best in everything that she does. Her Olympic journey took her to the UK, China, Scandinavia, Greece, Portugal, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Germany all over the United States and to the Caribbean – all with a 20-foot boat in tow. She can order coffee and ice cream in 7 different languages! Martha has a background in sport and promotional marketing. In her role as the past Head of Membership and Group Sales at the Royal Ontario Museum Martha worked with many of Canada’s top tourism companies.

Maggie Hermant, Personal Travel Manager/Mtgs & Events

Booking a private jet for Hollywood VIPs coming to Grey Cup (and finding them warm clothes); sourcing translation services for attendees in 4 languages; shutting down Front Street for NFL celebrations; moving a 25-person staff across Canada for a 6-month  Tour; turning a TV studio into a 500-person meeting venue.  These are just some of adventures Maggie has encountered throughout her 25+ year career as a Meeting & Event Producer.  Keeping track of the guests and their itineraries, different time zones, special “asks” and knowing what each client needs is the key:  organization and logistics make it all work!     

Maggie has been lucky to have been all over the World, including;  Russia, India & Southeast Asia, Australia/New Zealand, Africa, Israel, and Hong Kong.  A lover of Film, TV & the Theatre, she’s also a huge sports fan and a proud graduate of THE Ohio State University.

The team at Gravitate will provide you with personalized service like no other. Offering you advice and insights that will make your trip all about you!


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