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Corporate travel, simplified.With our 1,2 3 approach your team will be traveling in no time. As soon as we capture all of your travellers’ preferences, our simplified booking fee structure and access to globally-negotiated rates will help insure that you get that right balance between travel policy compliance, cost savings, and worker efficiency.

Let us focus on what we do best: getting you and your team the best negotiated rates amongst our travel partners (air hotel and car rental), so that we can provide two or three different options for each request (and all for a single fee). Then you can do what you do best – select the most logical option based on location, price, policy compliance, and colleague efficiency.

Contact Gravitate to discuss how we can help your organization streamline your travel needs.


Experience you can rely on. We specialize in small to midsize companies. In today’s fast-changing and often confusing travel industry, businesses need a strong service provider that will work as a partner to maximize travel dollars and minimize time spent arranging business travel. Experience matters. With over twenty years of agency experience, our travel team can be trusted to deliver accurate, efficient, and timely service with each and every call.


Advanced technology. We utilize SABRE technologies to offer you industry-leading, advanced travel planning and reservation functions. The powerful, innovative tools are designed to ensure accuracy and efficiency and decrease travel costs. We offer an efficient and reliable booking experience across web and mobile platforms using GetThere. Keep your travellers’ connected on-the-go with TripCase Corporate.


Travel management services. Come to us for comprehensive monthly and quarterly travel management reports, to assist travel decision-makers in responding to changes in their organizations and in the travel industry. Assistance can be provided with all management services, including vendor negotiations, credit card reconciliation, and travel policy development and implementation. And, since you never know when something will go wrong, we can also set you up with 24/7 emergency traveller assistance.


Did you know? *Trains, car rentals, and other ground transportation don’t always get the same visibility as air travel, yet they can often represent more than ten percent of your overall travel budget. *For many organizations, the biggest portion of the travel budget can be the accommodations, often reaching between 30 and 50 percent of the total costs! *Despite what you may think, there are always opportunities for savings on plane tickets. *Careful planning with advance purchases can often result in savings of between 10 and 20 percent.