Your Experiences -- Your Life’s True Treasures

Are you one for discovering the ‘True Treasures’ this world has to offer?

‘True Treasures’ — What does that really mean? The beauty is that it’s different for everyone and that you have the power to design a trip that takes you on a sensory experience that’s as headstone-worthy as you want!

At Gravitate, we’re all about tailor-made experiences that immerse you in life’s greatest pleasures. Yes, you finally get to be Charlie at the Chocolate Factory. Our clients are always amazed by our seasoned travel palettes, requiring just a short yet detailed conversation to learn your interests before we connect you with the best in the industry, from guiding you deep into the heart of local culture to the extremes of heart-racing adrenaline feats. We want — no, we challenge you to send us on a mission. We auto accept. Done! We conquer any challenge because of our mission — to design trips that possess the heart and personality of any individual, couple or family, and even groups of hundreds!

What kind of trip is calling to you right now? Maybe you haven’t put all the pieces together yet or are looking for ideas. Maybe these three ideas get your gears spinning. A luxurious rejuvenation at a world-class resort, giving you and the family time to simply recharge and completely de-stress. Or maybe you’d prefer to “one-up” a heart-racing adrenaline adventure you had in the past. Or maybe you’re seeking a life-transforming experience, one that is deep and personal, taking you beyond the concept of ‘life’ as you know it.

If you still haven’t started itching to ‘X’ those days on the calendar, you’ll find your motivation below!

Off-Limits? We’ll Bring You There

Travelers frequently find something they’d love to do, only to find out these landmarks, tours, hotels or adventures are off-limits to the general public and other agencies. At Gravitate, we spare you this problem! We spent over a decade traveling to these destinations to hand-select only the best operators who can guarantee you access to the world’s most exclusive experiences.

We offer a new level of travel standards, using our connections with the gatekeepers of worldly attractions and globally renowned hospitality to offer you what is normally off-limits or near impossible to book. We can even arrange for you a private visit outside of normal operating hours! For instance, in Rome, a private tour of the Sistine Chapel and a rare viewing of Bramante’s Staircase are now available to you. If art and history aren’t your thing, we can get you on a Formula One-inspired drive for stretches of serene roadway that will last days. These are just a tiny sampling of hundreds of possibilities, and we know there’s something just perfect for you!

Some say coffee is Mother Nature’s motivation. To us, having a concrete itinerary to start looking forward to is equal to at least three pots of Mother Nature’s mightiest brew.

Let us serve you that dream vacation and complimentary motivation. Contact us now at

You sounded confused about these over the phone, but these were part of the original text you had on the Experience page.

Exclusive Ready-Made Adventures

Curated to Inspire

Sometimes you see something and it just grabs you — you’d change nothing about it. For your convenience, we’ve placed below a selection of our most exciting and unique upcoming experiences that are “plug-and-go.”The itinerary is already set. All that’s missing is you!

Click the boxes below and see if you don’t find something that’ll have you crossing off the days on your calendar, starting with today!

If these give you ideas but you’d like something different, we’d love to help you customize it perfectly. Simply contact us at info@gravitate.travelto experience the magic you’re imagining at this very moment!

Luxury Sports Travel Packages

Gravitate travel partners with Roadtrips who have been providing completely customized luxury sports travel packages to the world’s most sought-after and exclusive sporting events such as: The Super Bowl, Daytona 500, The Masters Tournament, Kentucky Derby, Monaco Grand Prix, Indianapolis 500, Euro Championship, MLB All-Star Game, Wimbledon, US Open Tennis, World Cup Finals Rugby, Summer Olympic Games, Winter Olympic Games, and the World Cup.

We’re focused on all the small things, which is why we offer customized travel and a consultative approach to create your perfect trip. You can be confident that you are being completely taken care of by one of the leaders in the sports travel industry. 

In the works

In the works


In the works

Gravitate partners with a select group of companies whose level of service and offerings we feel reflects our discerning clientele. From concierge services, to marketing and branding, to luxury travel privileges with preferred suppliers, we make recommendations based on trust and reputation.