Your sense of adventure doesn’t disappear just because you have a family. In fact, travelling with kids in tow gives you a multitude of new travel opportunities to explore.

We’ve developed a better style of family travel—one that favours real life experiences over virtual ones. Start with a child-friendly hotel (swimming pool included), sprinkle in a tuk-tuk ride through the streets of Bangkok, and play football with Maasai tribesmen. Who needs a ball pit and a buffet when the whole world is your playground!

And of course, there’s also those classic favourites that hold a special place in our hearts. For that reason we also love getting families to the Walt Disney family of global parks and resorts, Universal Studios, Warner Bros. Studios in the UK, the Legoland Parks, and many, many more!

No matter what type of budget and experience you’re looking for, we’ll help you gravitate toward the package of your dreams!

Just for families. We can help you plan your experience around a resort or hotel that is exclusively family focused…all you need is one child under the age of 18. Of course, the extended family of aunts, uncles, and cousins, are always welcome to come along!

Travel with other families. Traveling in a group of two or three like-minded families, the children often become fast friends, allowing the parents to enjoy some well earned R&R. We often find the whole family ends up making friendships with people from all over the world, staying in touch long after the adventure ends.

Single parents. Being a single parent is challenging enough. Add in the difficulties of organising any trip and the task becomes downright scary. But not with Gravitate. We take care of all the logistics (accommodation, transportation, tickets, activities), leaving you with more time to actually enjoy your holiday.

Action packed. We know the biggest challenge on a family trip is keeping the kids entertained. So we’ll help you plan everything in advance. Nearly all of our hotels feature pools, and each day has a great mix of action-packed adventure and flexible free time. We can also suggest activities based on your kid’s hobbies or school curriculum to round out the experience!