Connect With Your Inner Self

Jumpstart a Body and Mind Revival

Imagine this… You’ve just completed a tough hike or a challenging yet peaceful outdoor yoga class on the beach. What would feel incredible right now? Perhaps a massage? A hydrotherapy room? A mani/pedi combo? Well good, you deserve to pamper yourself and heighten your life through a healthier inner and outer body! At Gravitate, we can help you find the perfect wellness-infused destination for complete relaxation and rejuvenation.

We know wellness is a unique category of travel as many prefer to avoid tourism and instead explore local history, spend time in nature, develop connections in the community, all while cultivating whole-body rejuvenation. Are you a yogi, or an aspiring one? A practiced meditator? Do you love the feeling of treating your body well? Well then, you’ve found the right place. How do you always do that?

Restore Optimal Health

At Gravitate, we strive to help you hit the rewind button for your body and mind, allowing for a deep physical and emotional healing in serene, inspiring surroundings. If you’re looking to mostly or completely disconnect from technology, we’ll help you find the perfect temporary escape, because let’s face it, modern life can put a heavy burden on mind, body and soul. Thankfully, we have your remedy — a restorative bond with Mother Nature, the purest environment for restoring wellness and connecting with your inner self.

No country is off-limits, each of them providing their own unique cultural ideas of wellness. We’d love to help you find one that speaks to you, and from there we’ll handle all the organizing and logistics for your perfect rejuvenating getaway, leaving you with nothing to worry about!

Let us help you revisit how amazing life feels from a higher level of health. Contact us today at

Restorative Wellness Packages 

Below we’ve listed for you our highest-rated wellness packages, hand-picked based on feedback from past clients. Every package below has one common goal: to restore the optimal health of mind, body and soul. All you have to do is sign up for the one that resonates most with you. Or, use the links below to find what you like and we’ll help you customize a trip around your interests!