England’s Treasures – Guided Tour With a Hint of Choose Your Own Adventure

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“England’s Treasures” - Guided Tour With a Hint of Choose Your Own Adventure

Have you ever seen dark, lush green surrounded by the deep ocean blue? If not, you’ve got to visit Cornwall, England, where the cool beaches of the Atlantic meet small-town English charm.

Collette is an adventure company that takes you on amazing tours all over the world, and “England’s Treasures” is a tour where adventurers and leisure travelers find their greatest escape. On this 12-day vacation, not only will you explore beautiful Cornwall, but you’ll also immerse yourself in the wonders of London, Liverpool, Lake District and Bath.

Unique Culinary and Cultural Experiences

A trip wouldn’t be complete without exploring some of the incredible cuisine and lifestyle of another culture. In this realm, you’ll have private dinners and wine pairing at incredible wineries and restaurants across England. Try some of the finest local English wines that go absolutely perfect with your choice of delectable dish.

As for culture immersion, you’ll spend three nights in Bath, taking in the beautiful Georgian Facades and famous Royal Crescent. Stonehenge, the mysterious rock formation of the Stone Age, follows the next day. With an afternoon to yourself away from the group and tour manager, you can live out a day in the shoes of the English.

At the end of the trip, in Cornwall, you get to melt away into the sand in this beach-heavy peninsula. Then, later in the evening, you’ll find yourself at a farm-to-table dinner and wine pairing at a local winery — the perfect nightcap!

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Choose Your Own Adventure

Though you’re on a guided tour, the itinerary isn’t so rigid. One day you may prefer a tough hike up a mountain, while another day, you may prefer to sunbathe and drink cocktails on the beach. That’s why your “England’s Treasures” tour has an adventurous and relaxing option at nearly every stop. You get to choose exactly how you want to feel on your vacation.

Through some of the towns, you’ll take a train through the picturesque landscape of Europe, enjoying a relaxing recharge, perhaps as you sip on some tea? You’ll make your way to some of the most famous tourist attractions, but you’ll also go well off the beaten path for a more authentic experience — as if you were a local.

Sound like a trip you’d love?

Then you’ve got to be quick! Collette’s “England’s Treasures” sells out every year, so Gravitate has held some seats for the March 20-31, 2019 departure to give you the chance to plan in advance and experience the greatest pleasures of England.

Visit http://gravitate.travel/englands-treasures-2019-with-collette/  for more information.

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