A Wellness-Seeker’s Dream

A Wellness-Seeker’s Dream

Too often, you find yourself caught up in what’s going on around you; work, school, deadlines, pleasing others, stress—all of these external factors that can drain and damage your personal energy.

Now, it’s time to turn your focus inward, to restore your body and your mind so that you shine from the inside out. Overworked individuals and wellness chasers, we know exactly how you can find your center once again.

Golden Door

The perfect, all-inclusive retreat for you to find restoration for your mind, body and spirit, Golden Door is a seven-day experience that leaves you rejuvenated, seeing the world with new eyes and an unblemished mindset.

Not only does Golden Door focus on the wellbeing of their guests, but they extend this deep care into their community. All net-profit is donated to child abuse rescue centres, spreading the abundant goodness and promoting the importance of a healthy life.

Your stay will be overflowing with perspective-altering experiences, such as invigorating spa visits, relaxing massages and unique activities like archery and mindful meditation. Offering personal training sessions and private massages, Golden Door is just the getaway that you have been searching for.

Booking Your Stay

Golden Door offers a unique array of retreat experiences, some being gender-specific and others being co-ed. There are six weeks out of the year that men are invited, forty weeks that women are invited away to relax, and an additional six weeks where both men and women can participate.

Choose your week accordingly, and revel in the immense relaxation your chosen opportunity offers. Don’t hesitate, as there are a mere forty rooms available per retreat, allowing for a personal and close-knit wellness community experience.

An Experience That Nourishes You in All Aspects

During your stay, you will enjoy daily, private massages in your room. On top of that, you’ll have five refreshing skin care treatments and a therapeutic body treatment. Along with manicures and pedicures, you will be provided with exclusive Golden Door Skin Care products, all which provide nourishment and glow to your skin.

Golden Door believes that wellness begins on the inside, and that is why you will have the opportunity to delve into meals with farm-fresh ingredients, grown right on their property.

Revitalizing Exercise and Outdoor Activities

From mountain hikes and tai chi sessions surrounded by vibrant meadows, you can participate in an array of interesting activities that will unlock new sides of yourself. Pilates, moonlit dinners with fellow guests and walks in a magical bamboo forest are among other hard-to-come-by happenings that are available to you at Golden Door.

An all-inclusive, caribbean experience for water-sport-junkies and and outdoor exploration activities, the BodyHoliday is all about chasing after your wellbeing and taking some time off.

Sports and Activities

If you are looking to explore in ways you would’ve never thought before, BodyHoliday offers opportunities to try your hand at sailing, scuba diving courses, archery and other athletic activities. Being outdoors and soaking up the sun’s vitamin D is the perfect way to restore your mind and body.

Abundant Wellness

Along with being an incredible and adventurous excursion, BodyHoliday is equally comprised with opportunities to tend to your inner peace and recharge your health. You will receive daily massages and spa treatments, catering to your every aching muscle and removing toxins from your mind and body. Adding to the recentering and one-of-a-kind experience, the resort offers visitors the experience of healing in the largest Ayurvedic temple on this side of the world. Massages, facials and chakra examinations are a few of the many experiences, practiced inside of the temple, that will restore your sense of harmony.

If this sounds like the life-altering journey towards wholesomeness that you’ve been searching for, then don’t hesitate. Gravitate would love to aid you in booking your customized trip to these destinations, being your first gateway to an unforgettable wellness journey. 


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