Cotswolds Walking: Find Your Fairytale on the English Countryside

Find Your Fairytale on the English Countryside

If you’re a dreamer in search of a next-level travel experience, then we’ve got something that’ll have you booking a trip in no time. England is not only the birthplace of Shakespeare and the Beatles, but it also generously offers brand-new, fairytale-like experiences to anyone fortunate enough to touch its soil.

While meandering through the trails during your walking tour of the Cotswolds, you’ll find it hard to resist the urge to stop and smell the roses.

Immerse Yourself in England’s Magic

The Cotswolds are exactly what you’d imagine when you envision the beauty of England. Boasting sprawling country gardens and charming stone villages, the Cotswold towns stretch through five counties, including Oxfordshire and Somerset.

Cotswold Walks offers visitors a unique walking experience, wandering through multiple towns that are nestled among England’s magnificent natural landscapes, as well as experiencing architecture that exudes the ultimate Shakespeare vibes. You will have the opportunity to leave your footprints among these magical parts of England, choosing from either self-guided or group walks and enjoy luxury accommodation along your walking path.

Choose Your Path

Cotswold Walks provides multiple options depending on the experience you are searching for. Choose from small, two-day tours for a short vacation, or extend your stay with week-long explorations.

Spirited Gardens

You’ve never seen gardens like these before! The Cotswold is covered with breathtaking gardens filled with vibrantly-coloured plants and 20th-century design that will bring you back in time. Plan an adventure to embark on the Cotswold Gardens Guided Walking Tour and enjoy comfortable accommodations during your six-night adventure.

Visit the Hidcote Manor Garden on a guided walking tour, created by Major Lawrence Johnston, an American horticulturist that incorporated multiple rooms into his garden, each with distinct attributes. After your short tasting of the history and dedication that surrounds these gardens, you will arrive at the Kiftsgate Court garden. Since 1918, this garden has flourished thanks to the hands of three generations of gardeners.

Self-Guided Village Visits

If you are in search of a more intimate walking tour, choose from one of the Cotswold Walks self-guided tours and explore the medieval architecture that England has to offer. On the ‘Best of the Cotswolds’ tour, take advantage of the opportunity to visit Sudeley Castle, which was the last resting place of King Henry VIII’s sixth wife.

Trot through Chipping Campden, which was the most notable location for wool trading during the Middle Ages. Arguably the most beautiful of the Cotswold villages, it is home to a lively community and buildings that date back to the 14th century.

This is a truly tranquil and magical experience, one that will leave you pondering the possibility of moving to the English countryside. From opportunities to engage with England’s rich history, to relaxing walks that allow you to unwind within vivid English gardens, you’re sure to find your perfect escape.

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