The “Open Oyster” Experience

What’s the “Open Oyster” experience, you ask? Well, Gravitate Travel simply offers the widest selection of top-rated hotels, tours, entertainment and exotic adventures, extending to almost every country across the globe. So if the world is your oyster, yours is wide open. We believe memorable experiences are best achieved through the personal touch of avid world travelers with connections from the frozen tundra all the way to the illustrious Serengeti — we are those well-connected world travelers.

Everything we do culminates into incredible experiences over and over again. It’s this high-level consistency that is responsible for helping us keep and grow a clientele accustomed to seamless, top-shelf service. We make it really easy for you by arranging all of the logistics and learning about your tastes and preferences to give you an amazing vacation every time. Whether you’re with us once a year or once a month, you know you’re getting custom travel services from a company in a league of its own.

You’re right where you need to be. After all, you did Gravitate here.


Scott Waldron
Founder & Personal Travel Manager

If you’ve ever been to Disney, you know how seriously they take customer service. Rewind the tape 23 years and you’ll see a younger Scott immersed in his newly discovered passion, which is to provide people unique, unforgettable experiences. That passion proved to stick. The evidence? Instead of binging Netflix, Scott binges luxury destination training videos to constantly keep his playbook of industry-best resorts, retreats, tours and adventures up-to-date, making it much more likely his clients will find themselves on an awe-inspiring journey they won’t soon forget.

Scott was formerly a professional Senior Personal Experience Advisor, planning and delivering group and tailor-made tours in Europe, South America, Scandinavia, North America and beyond. He’s been to 30+ countries and has 24 years of experience designing dream vacations, but he says, “Most importantly, I’m Human.” Why does this matter? He continues, “No website is smart enough to have an intuitive, professional conversation with you about your preferences.”

Plus, he’s on a strict routine — 60 minutes of daily classical music — to keep his brain sharp enough to never forget the post-trip follow-up call to discuss how everything went. Would a website do all that? Not a chance. Scott believes you deserve more.


Martha Henderson
Personal Travel Manager

Martha’s unique experience and perspective as a world traveler makes her clients’ travel planning a breeze. She was part of Canada’s 2008 Olympic Sailing Team, directing travel and logistics of her crew through the UK, China, Scandinavia, Greece, Portugal, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Germany, all over the United States and to the Caribbean – all with a 20-foot boat in tow! If there’s any arrangement Martha can’t make, we’ve yet to find it!

In addition to making connections with prominent travel figures throughout the world on her Olympic journey, she excelled in promotional marketing as former Head of Membership and Group Sales at the Royal Ontario Museum where she worked closely with many of Canada’s top tourism companies.

Martha is highly inspired by the custom trips she plans, stashing away bits and pieces of each itinerary in her memory bank for hernext vacation. That means you’re working with a travel designer who has first-hand experience in many of the world’s greatest travel treasures. And as a bonus, she can even tell you how to order coffee and ice cream in 7 different languages!

Jake Eckhardt
Blogger & Newsletter Cultivator

Jake has been a copywriter and blogger for the past six years and has recently become a digital nomad to soothe his craving for world travel, currently cruising the U.S. in a converted camper van with his dog, Mara. He loves writing about travel and figures there’s no better inspiration to write than setting up a table and laptop in America’s most beautiful national parks. Jake finds peace in long drives with a stocked cooler of ice cold coconut water while dancing to the music from 90s rollerskating rinks.  

If you’re looking for someone to capture the beauty and essence of an amazing travel destination, Jake would love to hear about it, not only for the purpose of writing engaging content for Gravitate and its partners, but also to add new destinations to his bucket list and learn more about the greatest experiences life has to offer.

The team at Gravitate will provide you with personalized service like no other. Offering you advice and insights that will make your trip all about you!


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