Don’t Be Left In The Snow On Your Next Family Winter Holiday

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January and February of each year bring a time when most of us are paying bills and recuperating from the holiday’s frivolities. The snow makes you long for a family winter holiday.

As your friends are coming back from or going on vacations down to the sun and sand in the Caribbean to escape the cold, don’t you also wish you were leaving with them?

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How Do I Get The Best Rooms For My Family Winter Holiday?

I am sure at some point you have been at the resort and looked over and saw that amazing swim-up suite with two adults hanging out in peace and quiet, going in and out of the pool at leisure and getting that perfect tan.

Or maybe you see a family playing with the kids and getting in some good quality family time away from the active pools.

Do you know how they got those rooms? They booked in advance with a small per person deposit at the beginning of the year to secure the coveted room type they love at their favourite resort.


Pro Tip: In January through March, tour operators put out some great offers for travel at Christmas time as they release their packages.


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How Will I Know My Schedule So Far In Advance?

Whether the kids are in elementary or university, you should know when the kids have time off. Why not reach out to us so we can find the perfect property with that view you wished you had instead of what’s leftover. Sometimes it’s more about the room type than savings that makes the stay for some.


With a little bit of creative planning, you too can get the most out of your next family winter holiday. Contact Gravitate Travel to book your family adventure.

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