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Is Hard Rock going soft?

When you hear Hard Rock, you might think crowded music events and wild nights. While the popular resort chain has no plans on changing their tune, it...

When you hear Hard Rock, you might think crowded music events and wild nights. While the popular resort chain has no plans on changing their tune, it is time to discover their softer side.

It’s been a year without travel for most people, and it’s been a year without celebrating birthdays, holidays or, well, anything with our friends and family. But as vaccinations roll out across the world, it feels like hopping on a plane again is becoming more and more of a real possibility.

And while we might not immediately be back to packed music festivals and crowded restaurants, we should be able to head off on vacation with the people we love soon enough.

Hard Rock Resorts around the continent have long been a favourite destination for people of all ages looking to escape. They might have a reputation for being a destination for hard rockin’, but we talked to Jasmine Grant, Business Development Manager, about how Hard Rock offers some quieter reasons to make them your first trip of 2021.

GRAVITATE: So, we might be able to travel soon, which is exciting and a relief. Of all the places to go first, why should Hard Rock be the one?

JASMINE GRANT: In 2020, everybody missed out on a lot of things. I know, personally, I missed out family events, birthdays that would’ve been a big celebration. Hard Rock really has something for everyone. Getting together with friends or family will be a big part of travel coming up. In Canada, we’ve lost so much time and been deprived of human connection for so long. There is really something for every type of person at the Hard Rocks.

GRAVITATE: What does Hard Rock offer for people looking to have a fun time—while still maintaining social distancing?

JASMINE: At Hard Rock Hotels Riviera Maya, we have the largest spa in the area. There are 75 separate treatment rooms. We also have the Limitless Resort Credit, and that is for your golf, your spa, your tours, and more. So, there is more to Hard Rock than the parties.

Hard Rock has also done a great job of having something for kids. There’s something for the 2-4-year-olds, there’s something for the 8-13 year-olds, and then there’s things to also entertain the 13-17-year-olds that are typically harder to entertain. Lots of family-friendly amenities.


GRAVITATE: Hard Rock has implemented safety measures designed to keep both guests and staff safe. What does that look like?

 JASMINE: Yes, our safety protocols are called Safe and Sound. It is a 272-point directive that was developed by Ecolab. I went to Hard Rock Riviera Maya with a group of travel agents to experience the protocols. I felt very safe. I was very impressed with the staff on the property, how safe they were being, following the protocols to a T. They didn’t miss a beat at any point.

GRAVITATE: Even though we might hum and hah about family obligations over the holidays, once we didn’t have that, everyone kind of missed it. Do you get the sense that people are looking to make up for lost time?

Jasmine: Definitely. For Hard Rock, we see a lot of families looking to get away, groups that might have usually travelled together as a family. People considering doing something with their parents and their siblings. Something that they haven’t done in ten years.

Gravitate: We’ve all been housebound for a year. Do you get a sense of who it is that is most itching to travel?

 JASMINE: It’s anybody! I even have people looking to do neighbourhood getaways. I had someone reach out and say, “A handful of my neighbours want to go and hangout at a resort somewhere. Everyone is just missing that person-to-person contact. And experiencing something new. In Canada especially, you can access the three-block radius around your house. You can’t really go anywhere else. People want to experience something else. They want something that’s fun and relaxing. An all-inclusive resort like Hard Rock offers that.

Gravitate: It’s been a stressful time for everyone. This is a stress-free way to travel.

Jasmine: I agree. There is also the all-inclusive aspect too. You get on the property and you don’t have to think about anything anymore. Everything is included: all of your drinks, all of your food. Your only obligation is getting to the beach.


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