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Luxury Travel Trends for 2020

Luxury Travel Magazine has created a list of travel trends for 2020 that we are sharing below. As you will see, most of the trends for 2020 come...

Luxury Travel Magazine has created a list of travel trends for 2020 that we are sharing below. As you will see, most of the trends for 2020 come with a high level of human intervention and not an internet website. We at Gravitate can deliver each of them to you, so why not schedule a call with your Gravitate Personal Travel manager so we can source these trends for your specific type of trip? Let us do the leg work for you.

Solo Travel is a growing trend that continues in 2020 and our partner gives you your own room and no single supplement! Great for those that are price conscious but want a quality tour.

Take more home than a tan, learn to make sushi, mix your own music with a DJ in a famous LA club, or learn photography in a foreign land. Come back new with this trend!

A personal favourite is the ancestry trips where you explore your origins and visit the country your ancestors came from. Our partner in England, for example, can help you research your roots before your arrival to ensure your making the best use of your time exploring the places they came from.


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Positive influences outside of the travel sector will have a big impact on how we travel next year. Purpose and intention permeate everything; 2020’s big trends are distinctly green-minded, highlight the unsung destination and reveal new sides to old favourites. From eco-trips to off-season surprises – here are the trends you need to know about now.



Sustainable travel is the buzzword for 2020.

Resting in a small fishing village between mountain and sea, Gennadi Grand Resort in Rhodes is artfully designed with eco-sensibilities in mind. A synthesis of form, function and perfectly scaled structures in a nature-showcasing landscape, Gennadi Grand Resort operates under a BMS (Building Management System) comprising of leading innovative energy management technology. Slanted roofs simultaneously minimize sunlight reflection whilst optimizing the microclimate conditions, with energy-saving glass panels, and forward-thinking recycling practices.

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Consumption on its own isn’t cool anymore. Aiming to counteract the negative impact flying has on the environment, travelers in 2020 want to make those emissions count. Reconnecting with loved ones, soul-enriching experiences, supporting local communities and adding to the greater good is a major focus for travelers in the year ahead.

Fairmont Maldives Sirru Fen Fushi teaches guests and actively encourage them to participate in regenerating the coral reef and improving sea life as part of an underwater art installation and coral regeneration project – the Coralarium. Designed by acclaimed British eco-artist Jason deCaires Taylor, guests are led through the living installation by the resort’s resident marine biologist before planting their own coral as part of their effort to reinvigorate local sea life.

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Savvy travelers in 2020 know that certain hotspots are superior offseason.

Spring is the perfect time of year to enjoy the secluded coves and beaches of Ibiza before the madness of summer kicks off. Coastal paths are blooming with blossoms and the legendary beach bars are laid-back, not packed. Adding to the many reasons to go, Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay recently launched its “My-Ibiza” experiences, allowing guests to discover Ibiza in their own way. Curated picnics are delivered to scenic spots, and Bali-bed butlers can bring everything from iced towels to turmeric shots and fresh sushi rolls whilst guests admire unobstructed sea views. There are one-to-one diving expeditions with a marine biologist and bespoke yacht trips to showcase the island’s insider spots and prettiest bays.

While tourist numbers subside and the flight costs fall, Mallorca’s balmy temperatures remain long into the Autumn. Stylish Zafiro Palace Hotels are tucked in different corners of the island, making these luxurious resorts the perfect base to explore some of the off-season gems such as nearby, family-run wineries. The cooler autumnal temperatures are inviting for cyclists and hikers alike as well as culture lovers who will be drawn to Palma’s La Seu Cathedral, steeped in eight centuries of history.

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Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay




Today, we personalize our grocery orders, potential partners vetted from the comfort of our sofas, and new music suggested playlists align with our tastes. Our world is personal, and we want travel to be too.

Personalization extends to the spa at Es Saadi Marrakech Resort, which offers a bespoke, all-botanical PHYTO hair treatment designed to cleanse, condition and revive hair with a selection of products uniquely designed for each guest’s own hair type. A detailed analysis with a micro-viewer magnifies the hair up to 600 times, and guests can relax in the resort’s Oriental Thermae hydrotherapy circuit while their hair is beautifully restored.

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Epicures are on the move in 2020 as people are letting their palates lead the way. Travelers will increasingly revel in a portfolio of famous restaurants which are culinary destinations in themselves.

Worth flying for, in 2020 Velaa Private Island in the Maldives introduces a fine wine and dining events billed as the greatest meal in the world. Curated by the world’s most influential wine makers alongside a clutch of Michelin-starred chefs – guests will enjoy the finest wine labels alongside the globe’s most inspired cuisine. Further foodie focused, Velaa will introduce a culinary concept where guests have the opportunity to create their own tasting menus alongside the resort’s esteemed Chef Gaushan de Silva. Each day begins with the arrival of carefully selected ingredients from the resort’s exceptional network of suppliers; diners then select from a simple list of ingredients and wait for the magic to begin.

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With the rise of the ‘second city’ traveler, the exploration of lesser-known destinations will take a leap forward in 2020. According to Booking.com, 47% of travelers would happily swap their original destination for a lesser-known, but similar alternative.

Lesser known than its cousins Dubrovnik and Split, Šibenik is one of Croatia’s oldest historical towns, yet to be discovered by much of the outside world. Dreamy deep blue seascapes and quaint streets lead to squares where modern shop windows blend with the architecture of vanished centuries. Set in an area of natural and unspoiled beauty, D-Resort Šibenik, with its sleek interiors of pure white concrete, glass and wood, makes a very stylish statement on this part of the Dalmatian coast.

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Trips are now less about poolside lazing than broadening personal horizons and getting under a destination’s skin. Learning a traditional skill from a local is a two-for-one experience.

On the Istrian peninsula, an achingly beautiful region of quaint hilltop villages, sparkling Adriatic waters and dense oak forest, visitors will find the foodie holy grail: the Istrian white truffle. Now, the skills passed down through generations of truffle hunters are there for guests to learn. Keen learners will gain a new appreciation for these prized morsels when invited to join locals on forages, finishing off the day with a joyful lunch of truffle-infused delicacies and local wines.

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Tried and tested travel wonders are over, 2020 is about curiosity and a point of difference.

So, rather than visit the Great Pyramids at Giza, why not discover ancient Anatolia? Set just at the edge of the ancient village of Uçhisar, Argos in Cappadocia is a place that everyone should see at least once in their lifetime. With panoramic views of the hot air balloons that drift across the sky each morning at sunrise, this 2000-year-old network of ancient ruins, caves and underground tunnels are home to the world’s most wonderful heritage-style retreat.travel trend image 08




Solo travel shows no sign of a slowdown. 2020 will see more solo travel than ever before, as people of all ages strive for adventure and embrace freedom.

Newly restored, the iconic Raffles Grand Hotel d’Angkor in Siem Reap, reopened its doors last month with a series of curated solo journeys inclusive of everything from cruising on a Vespa through the ancient temple at Angkor Wat, art classes with Siem Reap’s illustrious local artists, and a Khmer Culinary Discovery tour lead by local foodie insiders.

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With learning holidays more popular than ever, holidaymakers in 2020 are increasingly looking to take more home than a tan.

With this in mind, Nobu Hotel Marbella will offer guests the chance to learn sushi making from their Nobu-trained chefs along with iconic Nobu dishes such as Miso Black Cod. Visitors can learn how to mix music with a professional DJ in the famous LA Suite nightclub or become a masseuse at the world-class Six Senses Spa, and there is even a holiday workshop in content creation/ photography taught by an award-winning local photographer.

Those flying solo can go for gold with an Olympian in 2020. ‘Our Retreat’ offers a once in a lifetime experience to snowboard with two-time Team GB Olympic snowboarder, Aimee Fuller, who will host a six-day retreat in January 2020. Across the year, Our Retreat will host four, six-night Chamonix retreats which are ideal for solo travelers seeking adventure, where skiing and snowboarding are complemented by yoga, meditation, mobility sessions and healthy, nutritious meals.

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Fueled by genealogical curiosity and the boom in affordable at-home DNA testing —ancestry trips, pilgrimages, genealogy tours – ancestry travel is one of 2020’s fastest-growing sectors.

As 2020 marks the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II, next year many whose ancestors fled Eastern Europe will be rediscovering Poland. And with nearly a dozen hotels set to open in Warsaw, the capital is evolving as a vibrant travel destination. Dynamic and distinctive, the new Nobu Hotel Warsaw is set in the heart of this historic place – certain to be a magnet for those seeking to turn the page on a troubled history.

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This article originally appeared on Luxury Travel Magazine on November 18, 2019.

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