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Trek Travel Bike Adventure Tours

Gravitate is pleased to be a travel partner with Trek Travel. Their adventure tours “promise to change the very definition of what a cycling...

Gravitate is pleased to be a travel partner with Trek Travel. Their adventure tours “promise to change the very definition of what a cycling vacation should be.”

Trek was voted a 2018 Travel and Leisure World’s Best Tour Operator. Born from Trek bikes, Trek Travel uses their passion to make adventure accessible for everyone. They are “a team of globetrotters, world-travellers and dreamers who know how to inspire the memories you’ll have for the rest of your life.” Their mission is to “find the best roads, hotels, towns, food, routes and attractions and introduce them to you. All on bikes that you’re guaranteed to love.” (source)

Lindsay Juley, Travel Advisor Program Manager, is going to tell us more about vacations that will appeal to adventurers, family, romantic escapes, and wellness seekers.


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What Tours Would Be An Adventure Of A Lifetime?

Our Tour de France trips are definitely the experience of a lifetime and a big item to tick off on a bucket list. We are an official operator for the Tour de France, which means our guests get exclusive VIP access. These include riding across the racecourse before the pros come through, taking pictures on the podium, meeting members of the Trek Segafredo pro racing team, touring the Team bus, and getting access to special viewing areas along the racecourse for unrivalled views of the riders as they race by. It is perfect for both avid cyclists who want to tackle some of the same famed climbs as the pros do on industry-leading Trek bikes, or for Tour de France enthusiasts who want to be in the heart of the action, but may not necessarily want to ride themselves.


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How Can An Adventure Tour Translate Into A Romantic Escape?

We have quite a few couples join us to celebrate special occasions such as anniversaries, honeymoons, birthdays or even engagements and weddings.

The couples who choose to join us for these special occasions are looking for something different and are the type of guests who like to have a luxurious vacation but are not looking to spend the whole trip relaxing on a beach. They are looking to be active while still getting to partake in amazing meals and comfortable accommodations with amenities on-site such as spas and award-winning restaurants.

Our most popular romantic trip is our Tuscany Luxury trip because it is the perfect combination of cycling amongst a stunning backdrop of vineyards, Michelin-starred dining, and 5-star accommodations that capture the charm of Italy.

We have had many occasions where one person is a stronger rider than the other, which can initially cause some hesitation and nerves. We will offer an electric-assist e-bike to the uncertain rider, and when they get on the trip, they get what we call the “e-bike grin”, as it allows you to still get a great work out, but go further and maybe faster than what you typically would do. It causes a lot of couples to have a chance to unite together in a shared passion and create memories they will have for a lifetime together.


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How Do Your Bike Tours Accommodate Families?

All of our public trips have a minimum age of 18. These are perfect for multigenerational travel. We will have grandparents take their children and grandchildren on trips as a way to bring everyone together. There is nothing like bonding over a tough climb or getting to experience another culture together.

We do offer private family trips that are specifically geared towards younger children where we offer shorter riding options and a special fleet of bikes, including a pedal trainer that can attach to a parent’s bike if the child is not yet a confident cyclist. These trips are in family-friendly destinations such as the National Parks where there is plenty to do for the kids to not get bored. We had one family say that the best parts about our Zion National Park family trip that they did were that our guides took their children out one night for a fun meal while the parents got a night to themselves, and the guides had all of their kids’ favourite snacks for the rides. It can be the little touches that matter the most. The best part, in my opinion, is that since these family trips are private, we can cater the experience to the needs of the family.


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What Adventures Do You Have That Focus On Getting Back To Nature?

We have an entire wellness collection of trips that are focused on unplugging and relaxing. Whether it is our special edition Yogascapes trips in Portugal and Palm Springs that begin and end each day’s ride with a yoga session, or our
Under Canvas glamping trips in Glacier National Park and Black Hills where limited wifi and reception force our guests to truly connect with nature, the unifying feedback from these trips is that our guests truly come home feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Too many times we go on vacation and remain partially tethered to our work, and these trips really cause our guests to take a step back and fully immerse themselves in the destinations.


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Why Book Trek Travel Adventure Tours With Gravitate Travel?

Born from Trek bikes, we are truly the cycling experts. We provide the industry’s best bikes included in the trip price. Most of our trips are guaranteed even after one person is booked. Once a deposit is down, Gravitate Travel can lock in all other travel arrangements for you. Gravitate is your one-stop-shop from booking the Trek Travel trip to flights, pre and post accommodations, transportation, and more.


To book your next Trek Travel adventure, please contact your personal travel manager at Gravitate Travel or contact the office directly.

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