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Create your own custom Adventure with Gravitate.

Adventure travel: it means something different for all of us. Whatever your definition, our beautiful planet provides opportunities in spades. Mountains that pierce through the clouds; thunderous rivers; stunning coastlines with sands of many colours – these are just a few possible settings that can serve as your playground as you plan your ideal active holiday. Take a cycling tour, hike up a mountain (or ski down it), or get closer than you’d ever thought possible to the world’s most exotic wildlife. Delve deep into another culture or sail through the Chilean Fjords to Cape Horn.

Choose how you travel. Join a small group of like-minded people and benefit from having a dedicated leader.

Or, if you prefer to lead yourself, you can go your own way on a self-guided holiday for that perfect private adventure. We even have access to adventure packages that you can enjoy together with your family –suitable for kids of virtually any age!

For the explorer in you. Why not join the Explorers’ Collection, a curated series of unique expeditions to the world’s most remote destinations with Quark Expeditions.

South American luxury. Explora offers world-class adventure destinations in South America.  The scenery, stunning, the accommodations, spectacular, the trip? Unforgettable.