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Get Lost in the Right Direction

‘Adventure travel’. Isn’t that pretty vague? Yes, and that’s the point! You have limitless experiences to choose from on our beautiful planet. We like to think of each experience as one of Mother Nature’s natural reset button, but the surroundings that relax and inspire you are unique to… you! At Gravitate, we make it a priority to first listen and understand what makes you tick. Is it snow-capped mountains that pierce through the clouds? Thunderous rivers? Stunning coastlines with multicolor sand? These marvels of nature can bring out your inner child, serving as either your massive playground or serene retreat for bonding amongst travel mates.

Need some ideas for your ideal active holiday? How about a spontaneous cycling tour through a gorgeous country you never expected to visit? We can find you hikes up challenging mountains that push you to new limits physically and mentally. You can ski or snowboard in the world’s greatest snow capitals. You can get closer than you’d ever thought possible to the world’s most exotic wildlife. How about delving deep into another culture or sailing through the Chilean Fjords to Cape Horn?

Go at it with an organized small group of like-minded people as you make new friends from all over the world and benefit from having a dedicated leader. Or, if you’re a carefree wanderer, you can go your own way, spending time connecting with yourself on a perfect private adventure. We even have access to adventure packages that you can enjoy together with your family – suitable for kids of virtually any age!

True adventurer and Dharma Bum Jack Kerouac once said, “Live, travel, adventure, bless, and don’t be sorry.”

So hit the road, Jack! Plan your perfect adventure by contacting us today at info@gravitate.travel.

It feels good to be lost in the right direction. Get in touch, we’ll help you get there.