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You see, equal to travelling the world is our second pleasure: designing the most memorable travel experiences for our clients. We love to astonish and delight. Over the years, we’ve built amazing relationships with the widest selection of quality hotels, tours, entertainment and exotic adventures, extending to almost every country across the globe.


Just like the adventurer, the adventure itself is highly personal.

If you’re an adventurer, our first question is, where you want to go? Where do you think it might be impossible to go? Try us. Challenge us. So often we are able not only to make it happen but to find ways to make that experience deeper and even more meaningful than you expected.

When’s the last time you went on a family adventure?

One where both parents and kids embraced new and exhilarating experiences together? Where you not only witnessed your children learn something new but you found yourself learning right alongside them? Discover your family adventure here.

Let’s take you on a trip you’ll remember.

Whether your goal is to pop a big question, host a magical event, or find a romantic getaway for your first vacation as a couple, Gravitate has romance covered. We have trusted partners at all the major couples’ resorts and tour companies, and recommendations at the ready.

Rest up, relax and rejuvenate at a spa of your choice.

What is it that you think of when it comes to wellness? Whether you’re looking for a buffet of spa treatments, daily yoga on the beach, an intense hiking experience, or all of the above, we want to create the trip that meets you at your personal definition of wellness.
“Our amazing clients are the reason we exist, and their reactions to our customized travel experiences and personalized service keep us smiling all day long. Here is just a sampling of what they’ve said: Scott and Gravitate Travel are spectacular. We use them personally for trips/vacations as well as for business travel. I will always use Scott and his team and would never book without a travel advisor. I will refer my friends and family to Scott and Gravitate travel!”
Daniel Swift
“I had the privilege of starting my journey with reaching out to Jennifer. Being a person who self-books all their trips to find deals, I was truly amazed at how cost efficient and effective this experience was. I was all ready to head to the beaches and then Wham! Pandemic outbreak happens. I merely had to say, "Hi Gravitate" and they were already providing solutions and updates for my travels.”
Michael Murray
“Gravitate was great to work with! Easy to communicate with, always responded promptly, got me the price I wanted at the resort I wanted and even sent out a lovely "Welcome Home/Thank you" card that was waiting in my mailbox when we returned from our vacation! I would definitely recommend their services and will use them again in the future!”
Aria Bailey

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