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Embark on the Adventure of a Lifetime with Silversea

Wherever you want to go, we can get you there!

Silversea is ready to surprise and delight you with amazing destinations around the world. Wherever you want to go, you can get there with Silversea. The world is yours to discover!

Silversea’s small luxury ships are designed for those who want to discover and indulge in luxury. All ships feature spacious, ocean-view suites with butler service, and most include private verandas where you can have your morning coffee or sip a cocktail while watching the beautiful vistas beyond. 

Personalized, friendly service, fine dining and knowledgeable guides will help make this an adventure never to be forgotten.

Silversea’s ships sail pole-to-pole to all seven continents, leaving (almost) no part of coastline uncovered.
Whether you want to gaze at icebergs or palm trees, the choice is yours. Silversea’s ships sail pole-to-pole to all seven continents, leaving (almost) no part of coastline uncovered including Africa & Indian Ocean, Alaska, American West Coast, Antarctica, Arctic & Greenland, Asia, Australia & New Zealand, Mediterranean, Caribbean & Central America, Galapagos Islands and so many more…

Expedition Cruising

Expedition cruising is a rapidly growing niche within the cruise industry that caters to adventurous travellers seeking immersive and off-the-beaten-path experiences. Unlike traditional cruises focused on luxury and entertainment, expedition cruising is characterized by its emphasis on exploration, education, and close encounters with nature in remote and less-travelled destinations. One of the defining features of expedition cruising is the size of the ships. Silversea expedition cruise vessels are typically smaller than their mainstream counterparts, allowing them to navigate through narrow channels, reach remote ports, and access destinations that larger ships cannot. This enables passengers to explore hidden gems and untouched landscapes, providing a more intimate and authentic travel experience. The itineraries of expedition cruises often include destinations such as Antarctica, the Arctic, the Galápagos Islands, the Amazon rainforest, and other remote corners of the world. These areas are known for their unique ecosystems, wildlife, and indigenous cultures, making them ideal for travellers with a passion for exploration and a desire to connect with nature.

Experienced Guides

Silversea guides have experienced and knowledgeable expedition teams, which typically include naturalists, scientists, historians, and other experts. They enhance the passengers’ understanding of the destinations, providing insightful lectures, guided excursions, and hands-on experiences. Passengers can learn about the local flora and fauna, geological features, and the cultural heritage of the regions they visit.

Active Experiences

Expedition cruising allows for unique and active experiences, such as kayaking, snorkelling, hiking, and Zodiac excursions. Passengers can get up close to wildlife, witness breathtaking landscapes, and engage in adventurous activities that go beyond the typical cruise experience. These activities are often tailored to different skill levels, allowing both seasoned adventurers and those new to such pursuits to participate.

Comfort Matters

Despite the focus on adventure and exploration, Silversea expedition cruise ships do not compromise on comfort and amenities. While not as opulent as larger cruise liners, they provide comfortable cabins, dining options featuring local cuisine, and spaces for relaxation and socializing. The smaller passenger capacity fosters a sense of camaraderie among travellers, creating a more intimate and fun atmosphere on board. Silversea expedition cruising offers a unique blend of adventure and education. It appeals to travellers seeking a deeper connection with nature, diverse cultures, and the thrill of exploration. As the demand for more meaningful and off-the-beaten-path experiences continues to grow, Silversea can help you find your taste for adventure.

Ocean Cruising

Regardless of the ship or suite, all Silversea guests will be pampered by the personalized services of an attentive butler, sailing in style aboard the best cruise line for luxury travel. For a truly personal experience, customize your suite with an abundance of optional amenities; from toiletries and personalized stationery to a bar with your favourite wines and spirits, we offer only the finest comforts in luxury cruise accommodation. You can even enjoy dinner in-suite served by your butler and choice of pillows. Silversea’s suites are truly your home away from home on the high seas.

Silversea is all-inclusive and offers a staff-to-guest ratio of nearly 1:1, so you know that service is their top priority in making your voyage the trip of a lifetime. Dining on Silversea is outstanding with regionally focused dishes inspired by the destinations where you will be traveling.

Embark on a personal journey of wellness to complement your global adventures while onboard your luxury cruise. From state-of-the-art Fitness centres, sauna and steam rooms, deck pools and spa therapies, relaxation is yours to discover.

Silversea offers you the chance to explore the world through their ocean cruises and expedition cruises while not compromising on luxury. Are you ready to venture out with them?

Talk to a travel professional at Gravitate to help you plan it! Just click on the Let’s Talk icon in the top menu to use our handy booking tool to book a date and time that works for you and your schedule. Ask us about their newest ships, Silver Origin, Silver Endeavour, Silver Nova, and Silver Ray coming in summer 2024.

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