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Read about some fantastic trips we’ve taken and destinations we love, as well as news about our partners and some of the latest travel trends. Could one of these be your next trip?
  • Have Heart – Will Travel Jan 11 - After being grounded for nearly a year, travellers aren’t taking it for granted in 2021. Many of us are rethinking the way we experience global communities and want to know how to travel with a conscience. We talked to our partner at G Adventures, Gary Armstrong, and Planeterra’s Alanna Wallace about taking off while giving back. “Take… READ MORE Posted in: ADVENTURE
  • A travel agent? For what? Dec 29 - Now more than ever, having a personal travel professional in your corner can make planning your next trip safer, easier, and more chill. Here’s how. We know you’ve done it: walked by a travel agent office scoffed, “Who still uses those?” Between AirBnb,, Google Flights, and Uber, you’ve got it all covered right? Wrong.… READ MORE Posted in: ADVENTURE
  • Fantasy Island? – How to Navigate a Strange New World of Travel Dec 10 - For many of us, our dream vacations this year have been just that: a dream. Airplanes have been grounded, trips have been cancelled, and plans have been put off until 2021. But even as COVID-19 numbers increase around the world, new safety protocols have given us hope that travel is possible again. SO, SHOULD YOU… READ MORE Posted in: CRUISES
  • Family Friendly European Luxury Activities With Family Twist Apr 15 - Gravitate Travel is proud to partner with Family Twist in celebrating family travel experiences. Book through us for extra value adds and Canadian pricing. Family Twist encourages families to take memorable journeys together. Their packages include fun and educational activities, family-friendly accommodation, and convenient services to ensure the comfort and safety of your family. Destinations… READ MORE Posted in: CRUISES
  • Why You Need A Travel Advisor By Your Side Apr 8 - Scott here, a personal travel advisor and founder of Gravitate Travel. I wanted to update you on how, over the past weeks, I've been working with many Canadians who have been desperate to get back home. For example, a client in Nepal and I have been working together for over three weeks. We looked at… READ MORE Posted in: HONEYMOON
  • Experience The Best Of Africa Apr 1 - Welcome To The Journey Of A Lifetime Goway Travel invites you on the journey across the whole of the African continent. The 30-day Cape to Cairo takes travellers from Cape Town to Cairo on a Journey of a Lifetime that offers the best accommodations and experiences while exploring Africa. This epic vacation transports you back… READ MORE Posted in: HONEYMOON

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