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Celebrity Cruise Adventures – Scott Sets Sail (Again)

Scott Waldron has found a love for the sea and he is sharing his most recent experience on the Celebrity Beyond.

Gravitate Travel’s founder, Scott Waldron, has found a love for the sea and in this blog, he is going to share his most recent experience on Celebrity Beyond and how he is feeling about being one of the first to share in the upcoming inaugural sailing of the newest ship in the Celebrity Edge Series, the Ascent this coming December.

Learn first-hand from Scott what he loves about Celebrity Cruises and cruising in general. What his favourite things were to do on both land and sea and why he can’t wait to experience it again in December.

Celebrity Cruise: Get ready to set sail!

GRAVITATE: First things first, what is your most favourite thing about cruising?

SCOTT: Unpack once and lots to explore onboard, ships are destinations themselves. Shows, pools, bars/clubs, and shopping all while floating towards your next destination. Unlike all-inclusive resorts, ships take you to many destinations and have very similar inclusive features depending on the cruise line you sail with.

G: What makes the Celebrity Cruise Edge Series so special in your mind?

SW: Technology, architecture, décor, the little things (like USB chargers in the rooms, the Celebrity Cruises App for your phone). Food is amazing, you can elevate it with their many specialty restaurants if you choose. My favourite two are Raw on 5 and Le Voyage by Daniel Boulud on the BEYOND. One other thing I appreciate while on vacation is not thousands of little ones running around. Celebrity doesn’t have the waterslide or play parks that attract the little ones however does have a great space for teens.

Sunset Bar

G: Who would you recommend try out a Celebrity Cruise? Is there something for everyone onboard?

SW: There is – for couples, families, ladies’ trips, retirees, and groups. The Edge series ships cater to all these traveller types with spaces for all. The ship I was on (BEYOND) had just over 3,200 people but the only time you saw this many people was embarkation and disembarkation as the ship had so many great spaces to breathe and get away from it all. Places in the shade for people watching by the pool, places to have a drink and chat and meet new friends both inside and out.

G: When you sailed on the Celebrity Beyond last year, what was the highlight of that trip for you?

SW: The ship by far was the highlight as it was my first EDGE class ship with Celebrity. The Infinity Verandah stateroom was very well laid out and had a lot of storage, innovative features such as a collapsible desk/makeup area, full-length lit mirror, and spacious bathroom with a shower you could turn around in and not bump into the door if you dropped the soap…lol

G: Can you describe the types of cabins you prefer on a cruise ship and why?

SW: I prefer ones with a balcony, doesn’t matter if it’s obstructed or not. I just want to be able to walk outside and get some fresh air and if I choose to leave the door open at night for the sea air and sounds. I don’t care for interior rooms are they are like a closet and have no windows, but for some, they are a good way to save funds if you’re on a budget. Celebrity also has larger cabins, bi-level cabins, and large suites for those who like space to relax in peace and quiet. The Retreat is an exclusive area of the ship with its own pool deck, specialty restaurant access (Blu) and perks only found with a Retreat cabin.

Infinite Veranda Stateroom

G: How many ports of call does a one-week cruise usually visit?

SW: Usually, 4-6 destinations some more.

G: If guests are on a Celebrity Cruise for a week, can you tell me what a typical day might look like onboard?

SW: One might select Yoga in the morning, then breakfast either in the cabin or in one of the many main dining rooms. For me, it was wake up, head to El Baco café for coffee and a muffin and then to review the daily itinerary on my TV in my cabin. You may elect to partake in a Spa treatment or head to the gym. Lunch is available anytime from 1130AM to 2PM at over 4 restaurants onboard, you can get almost anything you would like. If it’s a port day your day might start with an early breakfast and then off on a shore excursion for 4-8 hours, then back onboard for relaxation and getting ready for dinner. If you select to stay onboard the various pools, garden area and outdoor areas of the ship you will find some curled up with a book while enjoying the fresh air. Others may opt to stay inside and explore the shops, art gallery or booking their next Cruise with the Next Cruise department.

G: Did you have a favourite place onboard that you visited every day? Can you describe that for us?

SW: Yes, El Baco the café on deck 4. I was there like 3 times a day getting a specialty coffee or snack as the sans were so good and varied from Red Velvet cake, Muffins, Pastries and a lot of options for gluten-free passengers. Also, the “Magic Carpet” hanging over the side of the ship was a great view of the seas while having a cocktail.

G: What can travellers expect onboard the ship in the way of entertainment?

SW: Comedians, shore excursion talks, and full-fledged production shows that play in the evenings with two show times. Usually, one show at 6PM and the other at 8/9PM to allow for early/late diners. They were very entertaining and the seats were very comfortable and theatre was spacious holding up to 1,200 at a time for each show.

G: Can you tell us a bit about the dining options? Were there any standout meals that you want to share with us?

SW: Stand out option was Le Voyage by Daniel Boulud and there were 4 people attending to us from Matre‘d, to sommelier, to the table attendant, and the head waiter. It was amazing flavours, and all felt relaxed and not stuffy for a Michelin-star restaurant at sea. My second favourite was Raw on 5. Great sushi, chicken teriyaki and seafood, some of the freshest I ever had.

G: What are you most looking forward to on your next journey on the Celebrity Ascent?

SW: Seeing what new features/changes they have made since her sister ship the BEYOND was released. It’s hard to imagine what they could improve on, but I am excited to be invited aboard to explore their newest ship. I am bringing a videographer on the ship with me to document just how beautiful it is to share with our clients so they can see it first-hand.

Celebrity Cruise: The Brand New Ascent

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