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Our Favourite Canadian Destinations

To celebrate Canada and everything we love about this country, Team Gravitate has picked our favourite destinations across the country.

When Canadians think about travel, we have the humble habit of thinking about anywhere other than our country. But, as these six stunning picks from Gravitate’s team of travel experts demonstrate, we needn’t go far to find exciting cities, gorgeous landscapes, and incredible food! Here are our top destinations that will have you saying “Oh, Canada!”

GARDEN VARIETY- Butchart Gardens in Brentwood Bay, Vancouver Island
GARDEN VARIETY- Butchart Gardens in Brentwood Bay, Vancouver Island.


SELECTED BY: Diane, Marketing Advisor & Executive Assistant

WHY SHE LOVES IT: We started our trip in Victoria and spent two days exploring the magnificent city, the gardens, and the waterfront. With two small kids in tow, you know we had to take in whale watching with Prince of Whales tours and it was an exhilarating ride and we were blessed to see mega pods of whales. (Note to everyone: get a seat under cover and hold onto your hats as it does get very windy up top).

We also took the time to explore the Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea, an amazing place to learn about all living sea creatures. Once we made our way up the island to Parksville, we had the chance to relax at the cottage and really explore that area and spend some good quality family time activities like swimming, going to the beach, walking through the forests, playing some mini golf.

HER MUST-SEE: The Goats on a Roof in Coombs!



SELECTED BY: Rafa, Personal Travel Professional

WHY SHE LOVES IT: I love its rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant culture. It boasts a variety of delicious cuisine, there are numerous food tours available that will take you to the city’s best restaurants and food markets.

Rafa’s favourite place to dine? Le Continental. Located in a house built in 1845 for the Honourable Jean-Thomas Taschereau, it is the oldest fine dining establishment in Québec City.

“My favourite dish was the duck a l’orange and my husband said the filet mignon was to die for,” she says.

HER MUST-SEE: The city’s historic district, Old Quebec. The UNESCO World Heritage site is home to some of the best-preserved examples of colonial architecture in North America. “My favourite street is the Rue du Petit-Champlain with its colourful signs and shops,” Rafa says. “It’s the ideal place to take a stroll, get a feeling of the locals and take beautiful pictures.”

WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS: The enchanting waterways around Thousand Islands.


SELECTED BY: Martha, Personal Travel Professional

WHY SHE LOVES IT: It is a unique part of the Canadian landscape that is so beautiful with so much to offer. It is an easy drive from Toronto, Montreal, or Ottawa but it’s also fun to take the train. There are boutique inns and hotels that offer amazing food and lovely people who look after you with incredible Canadian charm. Golf Courses are nearby and so is some great live theatre.

If you are interested in Canadian history, Kingston is a treasure trove. The tour of the Kingston Penitentiary is fascinating with tours given by former prison guards who lived the history. Further along in Gananoque, the Glen House Inn Resort is a great place to relax, charter a boat, swim in the lake and enjoy a great meal while taking in the stunning views of the islands.

HER MUST-SEE: A Day cruise around the islands on one of their many tour boats with a stop at Bolt Castle on Heart Island.

HABITAT FOR HUMANITY: Habitat 67 is one of Montreal’s most unique architectural landmarks.


SELECTED BY: Scott, Personal Travel Professional & Founder

WHY HE LOVES IT: Montreal is a friendly and welcoming city with a multilingual population, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a European feel in North America. Every summer, the Jazz Festival is a favourite, and the music throughout the streets is energizing.

Montreal is also known for its fantastic food and drink, with a thriving coffee culture and artisanal bakeries. I love visiting the local farmers market like the Jean Talon Market and the famous Atwater Market which I used to live blocks from, it was a weekend frequent walk for fresh bread and vegetables/fruits.

Don’t miss the shopping on Sainte-Catherine Street (a major thoroughfare), with so much to see from high-end stores to local business and great restaurants and entertainment venues, and theatres. If you have kids, check out the BioDome to visit the Penguins.

HIS MUST-EAT: The bagel! Fairmont Bagel is our choice.

GRAND OL’ TIME: There’s a reason Grand Bend is known as one of Canada’s best beach towns.
GRAND OL’ TIME: There’s a reason Grand Bend is known as one of Canada’s best beach towns.


SELECTED BY: Consuela, Personal Travel Professional

WHY SHE LOVES IT: During COVID, there were a lot of travel restrictions, and this was a beach, on the shores of Lake Huron in Southwestern Ontario, that is only two hours away from Toronto. It has amazing white sand to walk in and clear blue waters to swim in. I also went here for my birthday with my daughters for the first time in 2021 and they fell in love. We go back once a year now!

HER MUST-SEE: The beautiful beaches and lakes right in our own backyard!

SUPERIORITY COMPLEX: The world’s largest area of any freshwater lake is right here in Canada.
SUPERIORITY COMPLEX: The world’s largest area of any freshwater lake is right here in Canada.


SELECTED BY: Amber, Personal Travel Professional

WHY SHE LOVES IT: With the world’s largest area of any freshwater lake, it contains about 10% of the entire Earth’s fresh water. From Kakabeka Falls (the most beautiful and spectacular waterfall north of Niagara) to Sault Ste Marie, there is so much to do and see. I’ve made the trip along the Canadian shoreline, and I love getting to pass through the Canadian Shield seeing all the massive rocks, cliffs, and trees alongside the pristine beaches.

On my most recent visit, I stayed at Lake Superior Provincial Park, and I hiked to see the sacred Agawa Rock Pictographs’ 30 red ochre paintings. Only accessible by foot, it is absolutely worth the trek down a slippery and rocky path. It reminded me of the depth of the history and stories of the Indigenous peoples. Also in the area is the Agawa Canyon Tour Train, which is the best way to see Northern Ontario, and is absolutely breathtaking in autumn.

HER MUST-SEE: The amethyst mine is the perfect way to become familiar with Ontario’s official gemstone. The entire area inspired the Group of Seven, so being able to experience the majestic beauty of the area should not be missed.

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