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The Trip of a Lifetime: Attending the F1 in Monaco

Get an insiders view of the F1 Race in Monaco - May 2024!

By Robert Salm/Scott Waldron

When Gravitate Travel’s founder, Scott Waldron, decided to attend the F1 race in Monaco in May, he knew that his good friend Robert was the one to be his partner in crime on this trip to experience all that Roadtrips offers to their clients. In this blog post, Robert will give you his first-hand experience of attending the race. Robert’s passion for racing and his enthusiasm for travelling made this the perfect dream come true for him.

There is nothing better than hearing from someone first-hand about their travel experience and why they recommend it and can provide you with some tips and tricks to help you along the way and make an informed decision on your travel plans.

Scott Waldron (Gravitate Travel) and Robert Salm

GRAVITATE: First things first, what is it about racing that you love so much?

ROBERT: When I was 12 or 13, I attended a new school and the person I was paired with during math class was into F1. I remember he had an F1 school agenda with all sorts of cool details and facts about the races, the cars and the drivers at that time. And since we were always ahead of the class, we had lots of time to read all the fun facts. I love watching the “tech talks” where they explain how different features in the car work, how they are designed, how the upgrades brought to a race improve the car.

G: Is this the first F1 race you have attended?

ROBERT: I have attended the Montreal F1 race three times since coming to Canada. The first time was in one of the Grandstands at corner 6/7. From here you see the cars slow down fast and then accelerate away. Always a good spot for some action. The other two times have been in the general admission sections.

Montreal F1

G: Can you tell us a little about why you liked the idea of attending an event like this by booking this trip through Gravitate Travel?

ROBERT: I was aware that there are tickets you could get with Paddock access and what, but it was not until Scott asked me if I wanted to go to Monaco for F1 that I became aware of packages such as these. I have always wanted to attend an F1 race with more access and style. Well, there is nothing more stylish than Monaco when it comes to F1. It was an opportunity of a lifetime that I could not say no to.

G: Can you describe the amenities that were made available to you?

ROBERT: The service and amenities that were made available to us during this trip were outstanding. From the pickup to the Hotel, the hotel itself, and the hospitality at the event. Outstanding. We were made to feel welcome; they remembered our names at the Hospitality Suite upon entry, the hors d’oeuvres, the drinks, and lunch. Everything was amazing. They even had David Coulthard come and speak for an hour and answer questions.

G: Other than the obvious, race day, was there one specific event that you really enjoyed on this trip?

ROBERT: Besides the F1 experience, walking around Monaco and seeing so many iconic buildings, architecture, and the food. It is hard to pick one, but I think meeting David Coulthard was really cool. Hearing his story how he got into racing, how he thought his sister was actually a better driver than him and how he is working on getting more opportunities for women to get into F1 in memory of his belated sister because she was not provided the same opportunities as he had.

David Coulthard

G: Can you tell us a little bit more about the details of your trip, how easy was the travel, what were your accommodations like, was it easy to get around in Monaco?

ROBERT: Travelling to and from was easy. We opted to go from Montreal to Paris direct and then hopped on the TGV (Highspeed train) to Nice. From our hotel in Nice, the train station was only 5 min away by taxi making access to Monaco almost at your front door. The train ride is about 35 minutes and the train station in Monaco is a 5-minute walk from the venue making everything within proximity. We did opt to take a Taxi/Uber to get to Monaco taking the scenic tour along the coast. The hotel in Nice was fantastic. The room had an amazing view and had all the amenities we needed. So many restaurants all within walking distance. Walking in Nice was mostly flat whereas Monaco is hilly.

G: What was the weather like during your trip? What would you recommend people definitely pack for this trip?

ROBERT: I wasn’t sure what to bring as the weather was going to be somewhere between 17 degrees and rain and 21 degrees and sunny. So, I brought for both. I opted for a lightweight raincoat that folds up to be not much bigger than a burrito 😊, some shirts, shorts, pants and a sweater or two. And of course, a small backpack for the day to day walking around. We got lucky and the rain stayed away for the most part and although the temperature was a mere 21 degrees and we were on the coast, it felt nice and warm.

G: Can you describe the atmosphere in Monaco during this exciting time?

ROBERT: “As far back” as Nice you start to feel the excitement. People wearing their team hats, t-shirts etc. In the morning at breakfast, you see the people wearing their badges for the event. Taxi vans for Formula team staff. F2 and F3 were also running this weekend so lots happening. Then when you get on the train, and you see everyone heading to the same place as you to watch the race and hopefully your team/driver wins. You hear everyone talking about what if this and did you hear that they changed so and so’s engine etc. and then when you get out of the train station and you get this view… knowing you are so close. It’s just amazing to be part of the (e)motion and sharing the thrill and excitement.

G: What can travellers expect in the way of entertainment in Monaco?

ROBERT: In the evenings there are parties on most of the yachts in the harbour. Most of which are privately owned. Of course, no one remembered me so no access 😊. There were tickets available for purchase as part of the hospitality as well as for some of the after parties. Unfortunately, because I was late jumping onboard, there were no more tickets available. And then there is the street life. After the race we went to a local bar called Slammers. Upon arrival we found the street was blocked off for traffic and there was a party outside. Great music, amazing atmosphere.

G: Do you have any other sporting event trips you’d be interested in attending that are offered by Gravitate Travel?

ROBERT: I am considering a Soccer or Rugby event in the future.

G: Would you recommend this trip to fellow travellers/sports enthusiasts?

ROBERT: 1000% yes, a trip of a lifetime. I wish I could have had paddock access and a few other items, but they were not in my budget. But this is Monaco. How could you not. Highly recommend it. Monaco was the one that became available to me but there are other locations around the world where this possible. Being from Holland I would have loved to go to the race in The Netherlands.

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